Gamer tag Mains Self assessment XP W/L
FHT | Noctabou
ness icon zelda icon captain_falcon icon
Intermediate Some -
falco icon pichu icon
Beginner Some -
diddy_kong icon pokemon_trainer icon meta_knight icon
Intermediate None -
young_link icon link icon dr_mario icon
Doing okay None -
SCB | Kouromo
toon_link icon zelda icon marth icon
Advanced Some -
jigglypuff icon
Doing okay None -
roy icon
Doing okay None -
jigglypuff icon
Noob None -
ARCH | Slamm
ridley icon bowser_jr icon cloud icon
Noob None -
jigglypuff icon falco icon marth icon
Beginner None -
bowser icon diddy_kong icon isabelle icon
Intermediate A little -
pichu icon lucas icon
Doing okay None -
byleth icon pit icon sephiroth icon
Intermediate None -
joker icon
Advanced A little -
falco icon ness icon diddy_kong icon
Advanced Some -
lucario icon
Beginner None -
pyra_and_mythra icon
Doing okay None -
Mæ | Blù#3444
falco icon jigglypuff icon mario icon
Doing okay A little -
link icon wii_fit_trainer icon dr_mario icon
Beginner None -
joker icon captain_falcon icon
Doing okay None -
APL | Slayer47
sephiroth icon
Doing okay None -
marth icon lucina icon
Beginner None -
little_mac icon diddy_kong icon pikachu icon
Beginner None -
little_mac icon dr_mario icon captain_falcon icon
Beginner None -
robin icon marth icon shulk icon
Intermediate A little -
incineroar icon bowser icon bowser_jr icon
Advanced Some -
fox icon fox icon fox icon
Noob None -
rob icon pikachu icon pikachu icon
Intermediate A little -
banjo_and_kazooie icon young_link icon
Beginner None -
peach icon lucina icon ness icon
Beginner None -
byleth icon corrin icon
Beginner None -
bowser_jr icon
Noob None -
little_mac icon ganondorf icon peach icon
Beginner None -
fox icon bowser_jr icon captain_falcon icon
Noob A lot -
captain_falcon icon pokemon_trainer icon dark_pit icon
Intermediate A little -
captain_falcon icon ness icon little_mac icon
Doing okay None -
sephiroth icon jigglypuff icon terry icon
Beginner None -
ness icon terry icon
Beginner None -
mario icon
Intermediate None -
wario icon
Intermediate None -
wolf icon falco icon
Intermediate A little -
pingouf | JESSY T-T
fox icon byleth icon
Doing okay None -
falco icon
Intermediate A little -
sora icon
Beginner None -
Bob | Khromay
roy icon luigi icon
Doing okay A little -
ness icon king_k_rool icon
Doing okay A little -
mii_brawler icon pyra_and_mythra icon
Doing okay None -
samus icon
Doing okay None -
captain_falcon icon captain_falcon icon captain_falcon icon
Intermediate None -
mewtwo icon fox icon
Intermediate None -
Gamer tag Region Age Gender Comment
ness icon FHT | Noctabou Bourgogne image Burgundy-Free County 19 Female
falco icon Zarcos Reunion image La Réunion 15 Male
diddy_kong icon Tussidane Occitanie image Occitania
young_link icon Xuuor Occitanie image Occitania 25 Male
toon_link icon SCB | Kouromo Nouvelle_Aquitaine image New Aquitaine 20 Male Young smash player of Toon Link and Zelda
jigglypuff icon Kylbot Ile_de_France image Island of France 19 Male On reprend l'arc smash
roy icon Tsuku Ile_de_France image Island of France 15 Male déjà un s smash à 100 tu meurs , mais un jab à 80, à là c...
jigglypuff icon Kant Ile_de_France image Island of France 22 Male lemme rest
ridley icon ARCH | Slamm Hauts-de-France image Upper France 18 Male
jigglypuff icon elli37 Centre image Centre-Loire Valley 15 Male
bowser icon Extalys Hauts-de-France image Upper France 22 Male
pichu icon iro Hauts-de-France image Upper France 16 Male pichu c'est trop bien
byleth icon Ugoat Bretagne image Brittany 16 Male
joker icon Kayn205 Bretagne image Brittany 17 Male
falco icon KzRushio Bretagne image Brittany 19 Male .
lucario icon Cyp Auvergne image Auvergne-Rhône-Alps 28 Male
pyra_and_mythra icon Mutsu Ile_de_France image Island of France 20 Male
falco icon Mæ | Blù#3444 Grand_Est image Great East 18 Male Expliquez-moi le MU luigi... svp...
link icon Elldrazi
joker icon kuroro Occitanie image Occitania 21 Male Que dire...
sephiroth icon APL | Slayer47 Nouvelle_Aquitaine image New Aquitaine 19 Male
marth icon Antoineghyj Auvergne image Auvergne-Rhône-Alps 15 Male
little_mac icon Clemso Ile_de_France image Island of France 24 Male
little_mac icon B3TA Normandie image Normandy 17 Male
robin icon Tint Nouvelle_Aquitaine image New Aquitaine Other
incineroar icon TLT_Foxy Normandie image Normandy 17 Male
fox icon Fowin
rob icon manganari Ile_de_France image Island of France 15 Male
banjo_and_kazooie icon Damdou Ile_de_France image Island of France 32 Male
peach icon ByAmphy Hauts-de-France image Upper France 18 Male
byleth icon Utsu Auvergne image Auvergne-Rhône-Alps 17 Female je suis ici pour hype les gens de byleth et corrin
bowser_jr icon Adapan Grand_Est image Great East 23 Male
little_mac icon piro Auvergne image Auvergne-Rhône-Alps 22 Male
fox icon NemoLeRigolo Auvergne image Auvergne-Rhône-Alps 22 Male hewwo
captain_falcon icon Champion Grand_Est image Great East 23 Male
captain_falcon icon Ragniro Occitanie image Occitania 18 Male Je cherche des joueurs débutants sur Montpellier ou Nîmes...
sephiroth icon EnzoMomo Normandie image Normandy 17 Male
ness icon Sogeki Provence-Alpes-Cote_dAzur image Provence-Alps-Azure Coast 23 Male
mario icon Spriggan Centre image Centre-Loire Valley 17 Male
wario icon jMath Provence-Alpes-Cote_dAzur image Provence-Alps-Azure Coast 15 Male
wolf icon AyZaroX Nouvelle_Aquitaine image New Aquitaine 18 Male Je suis un jeune joueur de smash Français qui cherche a s...
fox icon pingouf | JESSY T-T Ile_de_France image Island of France 14 Male
falco icon Atkoum Bourgogne image Burgundy-Free County 18 Male
sora icon Barant Ile_de_France image Island of France 18 Male Je regarde ce qui se passe sinon j'essayerai de faire des...
roy icon Bob | Khromay Hauts-de-France image Upper France Male
ness icon Hat0X Ile_de_France image Island of France 16 Male
mii_brawler icon Astera Auvergne image Auvergne-Rhône-Alps Female "Tout ça pour une fraise?"
samus icon nathan Provence-Alpes-Cote_dAzur image Provence-Alps-Azure Coast 16 Male
captain_falcon icon Otomo Nouvelle_Aquitaine image New Aquitaine 15 Male
mewtwo icon skullan Occitanie image Occitania 18 Male
Gamer tag Roles
ness icon FHT | Noctabou Player
falco icon Zarcos Designer Player
diddy_kong icon Tussidane Player
young_link icon Xuuor Player
toon_link icon SCB | Kouromo Player
jigglypuff icon Kylbot Player
roy icon Tsuku Player
jigglypuff icon Kant Player
ridley icon ARCH | Slamm Player Streamer
jigglypuff icon elli37 Player
bowser icon Extalys Player
pichu icon iro Player
byleth icon Ugoat Player
joker icon Kayn205 Player
falco icon KzRushio Player
lucario icon Cyp Player
pyra_and_mythra icon Mutsu Player
falco icon Mæ | Blù#3444 Player
link icon Elldrazi Player
joker icon kuroro Player
sephiroth icon APL | Slayer47 Player
marth icon Antoineghyj Player
little_mac icon Clemso Player
little_mac icon B3TA Player Streamer
robin icon Tint Player
incineroar icon TLT_Foxy Player
fox icon Fowin Player
rob icon manganari Player
banjo_and_kazooie icon Damdou Player
peach icon ByAmphy Player
byleth icon Utsu Player
bowser_jr icon Adapan Player Streamer
little_mac icon piro Player
fox icon NemoLeRigolo Player
captain_falcon icon Champion Player
captain_falcon icon Ragniro Player
sephiroth icon EnzoMomo Player
ness icon Sogeki Player
mario icon Spriggan Player
wario icon jMath Player
wolf icon AyZaroX Player
fox icon pingouf | JESSY T-T Player
falco icon Atkoum Player
sora icon Barant Player
roy icon Bob | Khromay Player
ness icon Hat0X Player
mii_brawler icon Astera Player
samus icon nathan Player
captain_falcon icon Otomo Player
mewtwo icon skullan Player
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