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banjo_and_kazooie icon Banjo and Kazooie
bayonetta icon Bayonetta
bowser icon Bowser
bowser_jr icon Bowser Jr
byleth icon Byleth
captain_falcon icon Captain Falcon
chrom icon Chrom
cloud icon Cloud
corrin icon Corrin
daisy icon Daisy
dark_pit icon Dark Pit
dark_samus icon Dark Samus
diddy_kong icon Diddy Kong
donkey_kong icon Donkey Kong
dr_mario icon Dr Mario
duck_hunt icon Duck Hunt
falco icon Falco
fox icon Fox
ganondorf icon Ganondorf
greninja icon Greninja
hero icon Hero
ice_climbers icon Ice Climbers
ike icon Ike
incineroar icon Incineroar
inkling icon Inkling
isabelle icon Isabelle
jigglypuff icon Jigglypuff
joker icon Joker
kazuya icon Kazuya
ken icon Ken
king_dedede icon King Dedede
king_k_rool icon King K Rool
kirby icon Kirby
link icon Link
little_mac icon Little Mac
lucario icon Lucario
lucas icon Lucas
lucina icon Lucina
luigi icon Luigi
mario icon Mario
marth icon Marth
mega_man icon Mega Man
meta_knight icon Meta Knight
mewtwo icon Mewtwo
mii_brawler icon Mii Brawler
mii_gunner icon Mii Gunner
mii_swordfighter icon Mii Swordfighter
min_min icon Min Min
mr_game_and_watch icon Mr Game and Watch
ness icon Ness
olimar icon Olimar
pac_man icon Pac Man
palutena icon Palutena
peach icon Peach
pichu icon Pichu
pikachu icon Pikachu
piranha_plant icon Piranha Plant
pit icon Pit
pokemon_trainer icon Pokemon Trainer
pyra_and_mythra icon Pyra and Mythra
richter icon Richter
ridley icon Ridley
rob icon Rob
robin icon Robin
rosalina_and_luma icon Rosalina and Luma
roy icon Roy
ryu icon Ryu
samus icon Samus
sephiroth icon Sephiroth
sheik icon Sheik
shulk icon Shulk
simon icon Simon
snake icon Snake
sonic icon Sonic
sora icon Sora
steve icon Steve
terry icon Terry
toon_link icon Toon Link
villager icon Villager
wario icon Wario
wii_fit_trainer icon Wii Fit Trainer
wolf icon Wolf
yoshi icon Yoshi
young_link icon Young Link
zelda icon Zelda
zero_suit_samus icon Zero Suit Samus
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