Gamer tag Mains Self assessment XP W/L
bayonetta icon
Intermediate None -
pyra_and_mythra icon sheik icon
Advanced None -
sephiroth icon sephiroth icon sephiroth icon
Intermediate A little -
lucario icon
Noob None -
zero_suit_samus icon bayonetta icon
Beginner None -
wolf icon captain_falcon icon diddy_kong icon
Beginner None -
yoshi icon
Doing okay None -
meta_knight icon sora icon
Beginner None -
bowser icon
Intermediate A little -
diddy_kong icon pac_man icon
Doing okay None -
mosta Beginner None -
lucina icon
Beginner None -
lucina icon joker icon cloud icon
Doing okay Some -
SNAP NAP | kurakigo
roy icon marth icon
Noob A little -
wario icon
Intermediate Some -
BRV | Inkulord
inkling icon pyra_and_mythra icon sora icon
Advanced A lot -
TEss | Bloups
sora icon cloud icon
Doing okay None -
greninja icon
Doing okay A little -
falco icon diddy_kong icon
Intermediate A little -
cloud icon roy icon
Noob A little -
mario icon ness icon marth icon
Doing okay A little -
diddy_kong icon
Beginner None -
lucas icon
Beginner None -
scp | Saphi
roy icon young_link icon cloud icon
Expert Some -
wolf icon pyra_and_mythra icon kazuya icon
Doing okay A little -
lucina icon palutena icon ganondorf icon
Beginner None -
pichu icon inkling icon
Noob A little -
marth icon inkling icon joker icon
Noob None -
pokemon_trainer icon
Noob None -
marth icon captain_falcon icon kazuya icon
Intermediate None -
ike icon
Noob None -
roy icon cloud icon sonic icon
Doing okay A little -
mario icon meta_knight icon kirby icon
Doing okay None -
villager icon lucina icon sonic icon
Beginner None -
king_k_rool icon
Intermediate None -
CTS | Reveяse
pichu icon pikachu icon
Intermediate A lot -
7z | Requ1
ness icon
Doing okay A little -
wario icon
Noob None -
HVN | Wamy_Lb
link icon fox icon
Doing okay Some -
roy icon pac_man icon byleth icon
Noob None -
greninja icon greninja icon greninja icon
Doing okay None -
ike icon byleth icon chrom icon
Doing okay None -
king_k_rool icon roy icon joker icon
Beginner None -
wolf icon jigglypuff icon
Doing okay A little -
shulk icon lucina icon
Doing okay A lot -
lucario icon young_link icon sora icon
Beginner None -
rosalina_and_luma icon zelda icon
Intermediate A little -
samus icon isabelle icon lucina icon
Doing okay None -
wario icon
Intermediate A lot -
mario icon
Intermediate None -
Gamer tag Region Age Gender Comment
bayonetta icon Waggan Ile_de_France image Island of France 17 Male I'm the shadow of your light, the death in your life; b...
pyra_and_mythra icon Wolfanac Ile_de_France image Island of France 17 Male Winter is coming Death incoming I'm coming
sephiroth icon Nerogar Ile_de_France image Island of France 20 Male
lucario icon Asura39
zero_suit_samus icon Yuri-chad Hauts-de-France image Upper France 17 Male
wolf icon Gohna Hauts-de-France image Upper France 27 Male
yoshi icon Sebzer
meta_knight icon Yakko Ile_de_France image Island of France 29 Male
bowser icon Goeland Bretagne image Brittany 18 Male
diddy_kong icon AntoNwaar Occitanie image Occitania 17 Male
Ile_de_France image Island of France Male
lucina icon NineLechien
lucina icon DawnTimer Hauts-de-France image Upper France 24 Male
roy icon SNAP NAP | kurakigo Bourgogne image Burgundy-Free County 21 Male
wario icon Yon Ile_de_France image Island of France 19 Male
inkling icon BRV | Inkulord Ile_de_France image Island of France 23 Male Projet n°1 Best inkling Paris Projet n°2 Best inkling F...
sora icon TEss | Bloups Occitanie image Occitania 19 Male
greninja icon Lapii Ile_de_France image Island of France 21 Male
falco icon Mr.milk Provence-Alpes-Cote_dAzur image Provence-Alps-Azure Coast 14 Male je suis du 🥛
cloud icon NikaSSB Centre image Centre-Loire Valley 20 Male
mario icon Yaya76 Normandie image Normandy 14 Male
diddy_kong icon KIWI Nouvelle_Aquitaine image New Aquitaine 21 Male
lucas icon Chisiba Ile_de_France image Island of France 14 Male bouffon interspatial
roy icon scp | Saphi Nouvelle_Aquitaine image New Aquitaine 14 Male JE VIS POUR SSBU
wolf icon Lythro Grand_Est image Great East 17 Male
lucina icon Kayser
pichu icon Tartiflex Auvergne image Auvergne-Rhône-Alps 21 Male
marth icon Bonniedewish#4482 Hauts-de-France image Upper France 16 Male
pokemon_trainer icon Doudou Nouvelle_Aquitaine image New Aquitaine 18 Male
marth icon Moai Bretagne image Brittany 16 Male Kazuya beaucoup trop fort pour smash Smash player since ...
ike icon Drenaas Auvergne image Auvergne-Rhône-Alps 26 Male
roy icon Des67 Grand_Est image Great East 19 Male
mario icon Hygo2004 Nouvelle_Aquitaine image New Aquitaine 19 Male
villager icon #57100 Grand_Est image Great East 16 Male
king_k_rool icon RithyFleta Ile_de_France image Island of France 18 Male
pichu icon CTS | Reveяse Occitanie image Occitania Male
ness icon 7z | Requ1 Provence-Alpes-Cote_dAzur image Provence-Alps-Azure Coast 24 Male
wario icon Alinoeee Auvergne image Auvergne-Rhône-Alps 21 Male
link icon HVN | Wamy_Lb Provence-Alpes-Cote_dAzur image Provence-Alps-Azure Coast 20 Male
roy icon Tsukine Grand_Est image Great East 19 Male
greninja icon Sefibleu 23 Male
ike icon alpha Pays_de_la_Loire image Loire Countries 15 Male
king_k_rool icon Selever.iso Ile_de_France image Island of France 16 Other
wolf icon Yoshift Pays_de_la_Loire image Loire Countries 14 Male
shulk icon Seistral Pays_de_la_Loire image Loire Countries Male Président et T.O. pour la Mans Dale, association Smash et...
lucario icon DiaMalix Grand_Est image Great East 24 Male Bonjour j'ai connu smash depuis melee mais j'ai comme...
rosalina_and_luma icon dessel Pays_de_la_Loire image Loire Countries 21 Male
samus icon Basik Auvergne image Auvergne-Rhône-Alps 20 Male
wario icon Coleman 19 Male I am from Australia! Visiting for 5 days :)
SulKy Centre image Centre-Loire Valley 23 Male SI jamais un jour
Gamer tag Roles
bayonetta icon Waggan Player
pyra_and_mythra icon Wolfanac Player
sephiroth icon Nerogar Player
lucario icon Asura39 Player
zero_suit_samus icon Yuri-chad Player
wolf icon Gohna Player
yoshi icon Sebzer Player
meta_knight icon Yakko Player
bowser icon Goeland Content creator Designer Player Streamer Team manager
diddy_kong icon AntoNwaar Player
lucina icon NineLechien Player
lucina icon DawnTimer Player
roy icon SNAP NAP | kurakigo Player
wario icon Yon Player
inkling icon BRV | Inkulord Player
sora icon TEss | Bloups Player
greninja icon Lapii Player
falco icon Mr.milk Player
cloud icon NikaSSB Player
mario icon Yaya76 Player
diddy_kong icon KIWI Player
lucas icon Chisiba Player
roy icon scp | Saphi Player Team manager
wolf icon Lythro Player
lucina icon Kayser Player
pichu icon Tartiflex Player
marth icon Bonniedewish#4482 Player
pokemon_trainer icon Doudou Player
marth icon Moai Player
ike icon Drenaas Player
roy icon Des67 Player
mario icon Hygo2004 Player
villager icon #57100 Player
king_k_rool icon RithyFleta Player
pichu icon CTS | Reveяse Player
ness icon 7z | Requ1 Caster Player
wario icon Alinoeee Player
link icon HVN | Wamy_Lb Player
roy icon Tsukine Player
greninja icon Sefibleu Player
ike icon alpha Player
king_k_rool icon Selever.iso Player
wolf icon Yoshift Player
shulk icon Seistral Community editor Player Team manager TO
lucario icon DiaMalix Player Streamer
rosalina_and_luma icon dessel Player
samus icon Basik Player
wario icon Coleman Player
SulKy Player
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